Premium French Boutique Wines

Peter Dubourdieu established Premium Vins in 2002 following his return from France, after having spent a number of years selling wines to numerous Michelin Star restaurants in Paris. He has a passion for terroir driven wines as they represent the typicity of the location where they were born, each wine has its own personality and story to tell, a result of the complicity between passionate vignerons and mother nature. Peter specialises in the import and distribution of premium French boutique wines, which have been selected for exclusive distribution in Australia (see Our Producers list). 

Our exclusive producers are family owned estates, some of them for up to 12 generations. The wines have been selected by visiting the estates and spending time with the vigneron to better understand their wines, vineyards and vintages. The wines are selected on the basis of their quality in representing the appellation’s typicity due to its “terroir”, as the French say. Unfortunately, some wines are produced in very small quantities (one barrel) and are therefore available on allocation and sold in limited quantities. 

All the chosen estates practice sustainable farming known as “agriculture raisonnée”. The trend in recent years has been an increase in organic conversion from some of our selected producers. Their aim is to improve the well-being of the environment and further enhance the purity of the terroir's expression and potential. While some estates have achieved an "organic certification" others prefer not to be certified even though they have been implementing organic farming principals for many years. Since 2011 there is a new classification in France called "Haute Valeur Environnementale" HVE (High Environmental Value). There are 3 levels of certification, the highest being "level 3". The certification is renewed every 3 years after an inspection of the estate by a government body. It is basically all about being as nature friendly as possible encourging biodiversity and recycling. It seems that Level 3 would be equivalent to an organic certification, but living the door open just in case of a difficult vintage. So it is about being as organic as you can be without the constraints of an organic certification. The certified estates in this site are indicated by "HVE-L3".

All shipments by sea from Europe as well as road transport within Europe are done with temperature controlled containers using the most direct routes.
We also use the services of Wine Ark for climate controlled storage in Sydney.

We are committed to assist you and we guarantee the quality of all wines we sell.

The website's appellation maps are from the Guide Hachette des Vins.